Category: Employee Management

2014-06-17 08:00

Sometimes workplace decisions are not about compliance or procedure of handbook policy or even precedent. They're about the right thing to do!

2014-06-16 07:44

Probationary, introductory, qualifying or whatever you call it (I had one company call it "comfort time," yes that was in California) periods in private companies, outside the state of Montana, serve no useful business of legal purpose!

2011-02-28 16:55

Retaliation is employer "payback", a low-down way to punish employees for reporting poor work conditions, employer wrong-doing, etc. The risk to the retaliating employer could include a new charge brought against them or even a lawsuit against the employer.

2011-02-28 14:50

Your employees are representative of what you have invested in them.  If you invest quality time and attention in your employees, they'll be more likely to favor you with a longer stay in your company!

2010-10-12 11:12

“You can’t play favorites at work.”  Who says?  Where did this start? You’d better hope that your key customers/clients are playing favorites with your product or service. Your human resources department is supposed to be supporting the goals and objectives of management. If you ever hear an HR person say you can’t play favorites…run away!