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Annual HR consulting package


Let Hunter help you find the answers. Tap in on the collective knowledge of hundreds of entrepreneurs Hunter has helped in over 30 years of training and consulting.

"Hunter is the rare combination of subject matter expert plus top-level speaker plus entertainer. He knows his subject well, down to case law, and makes it easy, platable, and fun. The message is solid, upbeat, fair, and humane for employers, good workers and those with potential, but uncompromising to whiners and mailngerers."
Rick Martin - Vistage Chair

Annual HR Consulting Package

Year-around HR Help

  • Unlimited personal contact with Hunter
  • Situational decision making opinions
  • Best practices options
  • Updated emplyment law perspective
  • More

Less baby-sitting

Let the employee handbook do the heavy lifting. This package includes a review of your handbook language, suggestions for revising and samples "less is more" policies.

Please Sue Me Workbook

Download unlimited PDF copies of the guide to safe hiring and firing practices for the frontline manager with a short attention span.

Hunter Lott is a Human Resources practitioner dedicated to the rights of management and better decision-making. Hunter brings his HR wit and wisdom to a limited number of employers who want more personal attention.

  • $1,000 for a year membership
  • After signing up, Hunter will contact you with all the particulars


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