Who is this Guy?


Hunter Lott: An HR practitioner dedicated to the rights of management

"So What Do You Do?"

I'm a business coach helping CEOs get the most out of their employees. I've traveled throughout the U.S. delivering over 3000 training sessions and breakout presentations to managers and HR professionals on the legal aspects of hiring and firing. In the last 10 years, I've reviewed over 1000 employee handbooks. Through my online service HunterLott.com, I help companies design and implement practical HR policies. I'm a partner in the Kansas City based human development firm HCap. I'm an audio conference leader for Progressive Business Audio, speaker of the year for Vistage, a keynote speaker for various associations, a member of and top rated speaker for the Society for Human Resource Management. I grew up in Kansas City, attended Tulane University, graduated from Iowa State University and currently live in Rochester, Minnesota.

And I'm the author of... Please Sue Me: The Guide to Safe Hiring and Firing Practices for the Frontline Supervisor with a Short Attention Span.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...there has to be a clear, concise statement of purpose."

"OK! I keep companies out of court."

"Ohhhhh, you're a lawyer."

No, I'm not a lawyer. I deal with legally grounded information, but really my job is to bridge the gap between the company and the attorney. By the time most companies talk to the attorney, major damage has already been done. I'm into prevention, not pain. Pain is an effective motivator, but it’s after the fact. Many of the employment issues that get companies into trouble could have been avoided with some simple preventive management practices. Having learned from the collective experience of thousands of CEOs, frontline managers and HR professionals, I share the preventive practices that improve harmony, add value and keep you out of court.

What past participants are saying:

  • "Hunter is the rare combination of subject matter expert plus top-level speaker plus entertainer. He knows his subject well - down to case law - and makes it easy, palatable, and fun. The message is solid, upbeat, fair, and humane for employers, good workers and those with potential, but uncompromising to whiners and malingerers."
  • "I’ve never been more focused and attentive in a training in my life."
  • "I was very impressed and not much of anything impresses or surprises me anymore."
  • "You are that rare presenter, terribly knowledgeable AND entertaining. Watching the group, they absorbed all you had to give them while enjoying what to most company owners, would be torture to have to listen to patiently."
  • "And no one was spared. Our HR V.P. guests got a dose of reality about their roles in helping the company achieve its goals. And some of our very seasoned professional managers discovered some gaps in their HR knowledge and strategy."
  • "Best session yet. Great blend of useful information with humor."
  • "Most engaging speaker, great energy, especially at 4 pm. Absolutely the best speaker!"
  • "You are way better than good and much more analytical than you want others to know."